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Why Link Financial

Link Financial Corporation was founded by Ken Link in 1983 as a fee-only independent investment and financial planning firm in North Texas. We provide individuals, families, companies, and other organizations with a level of financial expertise and service that make us a valued and trusted partner. Link Financial is not part of any brokerage firm, insurance company, or mutual fund family that sells financial products. We provide disciplined, unbiased, and practical financial guidance on which plans, investments, and strategies meet our Clients’ needs.

We manage our Clients’ individual portfolios, which are, generally, in the custody of Charles Schwab & Co., where Clients have constant access to their accounts.

Our portfolio accounting is managed by an independent company, so that our Clients can have complete confidence that the information they receive is timely, accurate, and in compliance with industry and fiduciary standards.

Our Clients do not have the burden of making portfolio decisions. What they do have is peace of mind because their portfolios are being managed individually and systematically to achieve their financial goals. We report our results and our current economic analysis and strategy to our Clients on a quarterly basis.

We review economic, portfolio management and investment research from a variety of independent sources of information and opinions. To achieve the most balanced perspective for our Clients, we analyze asset management and financial planning methodologies, study legal and portfolio management publications, monitor relevant websites, and attend industry conferences.

Our services can be "unbundled" meaning that the Client selects only from those services needed including portfolio management, basic financial planning, construction and maintenance of a comprehensive financial plan, asset/liability and cash flow forecasting, and individual project analysis and/or management.

Our fees are quoted in advance and completely disclosed in writing to our Clients. We require only thirty days written notice from the Client to terminate our agreement.