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How does our Personal Financial Planning System work?

The Basic Personal Financial Plan is designed to provide the Client and us with guidelines for asset allocation planning and evaluating Clients’ major goals and objectives. Our system is designed to minimize the time the Client has to spend on this and for us to communicate with the Client about the most important concepts of our asset allocation process, specifically, deciding which asset classes are to be included in the three tax-status types of portfolios that will most likely achieve the Client’s financial goals.

We collect data on all facets of personal financial planning and will work individually with each Client to define and outline realistic goals and set priorities.

The Complete Personal Financial Plan includes most of the other facets of personal financial planning, which include risk management (life, long-term disability, long-term care, medical, home, and auto insurance plans), employer benefit programs, investment tax matters, basic estate planning, retirement planning, college funding analysis, family business valuation, succession planning, and elder care. We retain other experts, as necessary, to help with the more complicated situations.

Our Clients receive our quarterly personal financial planning newsletter. Both educational and practical, the newsletters and other mailings frequently prompt our Clients to call us for additional information. Although planning is not a continuous process like asset management, we have the resources to provide answers to most questions and will provide educational materials on topics of interest to Clients.