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How does our Asset Management System work?

Link Financial has relationships with low cost custodians for individual securities portfolios and mutual funds. Since we are not compensated for selling any products, we seek the best low cost custodians and brokerage firms for our Clients. If requested by the Client, we are willing to work with a specific custodian or brokerage firm the Client selects, including negotiating the best available transaction costs (commission rates). If the Client has no preference, we will analyze the Client’s needs and make a custodial recommendation which we believe to be in the Client’s best interest.

We manage individual portfolios.  Client assets are in the custody of Charles Schwab & Co., where Clients have daily access to them.  Our portfolio accounting is managed by an independent company, so that our Clients can have complete confidence that the information they are receiving is timely, accurate, and in compliance with industry and fiduciary standards.

Our Clients’ goals and objectives, tax and cash flow situations, and risk and tolerances are all carefully considered in our portfolio management throughout periodic basic Personal Financial Planning reviews.

Link Financial does not hold cash, securities, mutual funds or any other asset belonging to our Clients nor do we have any ability to withdraw any assets, other than to assist the Client in transfers to or from their accounts. For portfolio management purposes, our Clients give us limited power of attorney only to purchase and sell securities, including mutual funds and exchange traded funds. All trading activities are reported directly to our Clients by the custodian or brokerage firm the Client has selected. Clients also receive monthly statements directly from their custodians.

We assist our Clients with their other investment assets, such as 401(k) and profit sharing plans, by periodically reviewing these accounts and making recommendations, as necessary. It is important to do this not only for our balanced portfolio management approach but also to make needed adjustments to the Client’s financial plan. This service has a lot of appeal to those Clients who wish to be proactive with some assets but want a second opinion on the strategy for them.

We provide detailed quarterly and annual reports, which include tax information, asset classifications and industry groups in the stock category, rates of return by asset classifications and individual securities, and realized gains and losses for both tax planning and tax return preparation.